Materials & Design Innovation
Who we are?

We are an Innovation consulting that gives value in the design and R&D fields to companies, by the application of materials, industrial design and product development.

What we do?

Management, design and development product for companies, providing an external point of view and promoting the knowledge transfer and innovation among sectors, based on our experience in materials and product.

We carry out continuous monitoring that gives us keys to anticipate trends in design, materials and technologies that we apply to projects.

We offer our clients a personalized service providing solutions to their specific needs, as well as an improvement in their products/services offer and a strategic vision to the market.

We coordinate and implement your R&D projects, as well as develop our own research lines which we transform into products for companies.

Which sectors?

We cover the industry sectors of habitat, construction, packaging, aerospace, plastic, composites, and the area of health.

Our team

Materials Design Innovation Team has over 10 years of experience in R&D projects, product development, trend materials and design.

Our main objective

To be a strategic partner for companies through innovation, giving value to products and services, applying new materials, design and projects methodology, internationalization and business model.

Materials & Design Innovation
has the CIR acreditation

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